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Feral To Friendly Feline Rescue Inc is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  Our purpose and mission is to help as many homeless cats get off the streets and into homes as we can.  There is an epidemic in South Florida with over 10,000 homeless cats.  As the price of gas, food and other living expenses went up, we have seen an increase in the number of friendly cats that are being dumped on the streets, as well, because their owners cannot afford to feed and care for them anymore.   We are constantly coming across these friendly cats and do our best to bring them into our rescue when we find them.  These cats do not know how to survive being homeless and in most cases do not survive.  When we pull one of these cats from our colony this takes a spot away from a feral cat that has waited, in some cases, years to be rescued.  We have to pick and choose which cats we rescue and which ones we must leave behind.  Our goal is to someday open a feral cat sanctuary where we can place all the feral cats that we care for and thousands more into an enclosed safe place place they can finally call home! 



  • To protect and improve the lives of our community cats.

  • Advocate for community cats and their caregivers within our community.

  • Collaborate with other animal welfare organizations, Government, Public shelters, local veterinarians, and local businesses to increase positive outcomes for community cats.

  • Provide educational opportunities to increase public awareness of TNR.

  • Work alongside others to improve the lives of community cats.



  • Reduce the over population of community cats through TNR (trap, neuter, return).

  • Rescue all homeless cats in South Florida.

  • Rehabilitate all feral cats to make them friendly so that they can find their forever families.

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